Отдых на Тенерифе: экскурсии и развлечения.

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Tenerife (Tenerife) Guardian Angel - during your vacation.

1a. Ride beach "Black Sand" takes some time, and being on the beach in this wonderful and therapeutic sand (each individually) brings positive results for both women and men. When used correctly, the time spent on the beach and moderate ambient temperature conditions can be achieved amazing positive results in the elimination of various ailments and other diseases in your body!
1av. Tenerife Guide Forestal Park in the north of the island near the town of Esperanza is a park lazilok trees, various nets, walls and other structures. Admission for children 17 euros, adults 22 euros. Summer Hours 10.00-20.00 10.00-18.00 winter

2. Marine VIP trips to the Atlantic Ocean can also be ordered on the home page www.tenerifetransfer.ru

a. Your Guardian Angel - VIP tour of the most famous and interesting in the world on the archipelago Zoo Loro Parque interesting and not tedious after a tour with a visit to the well-known for its restaurant vkusnoty Monasterio.

b. Shopping trip to El Corte Ingles many interesting branded shopping at low prices! Month discounts in the capital of Tenerife Santa Cruz see. On the main page in the shuttle.

c. Your Guardian Angel - Good in Tenerife with a personal tour guide can be ordered on the main page www.tenerifetransfer.ru

d. Tenerife Airport in the south of the Sur Reine. Very roomy and comfortable

e. Travel to the island's capital Santa Cruz de Tenerife start at a convenient time for you and the most beautiful place "Plaza de España" It is an hour away by comfortable and convenient car from Las Americas. With beautiful literally architectural city, old streets and beautiful antiques doma.Pamyatniki performed by famous Spanish architect will give your mood a good impression of what he saw. There you can visit a large shopping center with lots of small Spanish shops. Next, we will contact you move into another shopping center called El Corte Ingles which is often carried out on the stock price discounts up to 60% on many different branded goods companies in the world.

1. Tenerife holiday a holiday around the island of Tenerife and the beginning of the holiday is to visit a very interesting, not tedious and cognitive personal tour of the perimeter of the island of Tenerife
Private sightseeing tour around the perimeter of the island of Tenerife

2. Tenerife excursions in this matter has all sightseeing tours located on the home page www.tenerifetransfer.ru

3. Tenerife in Russian in order to find out what Tenerife in Russian have to visit several restaurants Canarian cuisine as fish and meat.

The main page of the Canary restaurants.

4. The main attraction of Tenerife is the most spectacular and popular all over the world famous Loro Parque is located in the north east of the island of Tenerife in Puerto de la Cruz / Puerto de La Cruz / just as the second half of this fabulous attraction is the Siam Park (Siam Parque ) water park occupies the first place in Europe by the presence of attractions, safety and attractiveness, which is located in the heart of the holiday town of Las Americas (Las Americas)

5. Weather Tenerife in this case, you are encouraged to visit to get large quantity of the information tour nr.8 Travel in Santa Cruz "Santa Cruz de Tenerife" 

6. Tenerife holiday with children should visit the tour Nr. 3 A trip to the miniature park
"PuebloChiko" and also very interesting and fascinating tour or a trip to the famous Loro Parque is in the city
Puerto de La Cruz, in this tour you can see the Tenerife weather that regulates life on the island of Tenerife.

7. Tenerife holidays in September, but it is better in October so comfortable!
Private sightseeing tour around the perimeter of the island of Tenerife.

8. Tenerife card is on the main page of the site www.tenerifetransfer.ru

9. Excursions in Tenerife can also get acquainted with the tour of the island of Tenerife on the main page www.tenerifetransfer.ru

10. Landmark La Gomera excursion to the island with a visit to all the attractions of the island of La Gomera.erife

11. Excursions in the Canary Islands can be enjoyed on the home page www. tenerifetransfer.ru individual, not tedious at times, very informative on the content of the text.

12. Tenerife South Airport "Reina Sofia" located in the Tenerife transfer there all the information on the prices and terms of transfer.

13. Also ask questions you are interested in other topics as Tenerife

14. 2014 in Tenerife Holidays and prices can be obtained from the Administrator at the address This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call
tel. +34603186718 Arkadon

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