Fishing in the Atlantic

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Fishing in Tenerife

In the Atlantic Ocean, so many different kinds of edible and non-edible floating animals. Seafood is still used in the majority of food by locals and tourists. Currently fishing in Tenerife, one of the most fascinating entertainment for men for women and some young creatures. Catch the fishing tackle large fish! But still not very far from the coast-you can only on Tenerife. And all of these adventures can be captured in the photo as a trophy.

Finesse fishing in Tenerife

Fish are caught on the island of Tenerife on the various gear, both in the open ocean, and the coast. If you want to catch a Blue Marlin at 150-180 kg and more, you have to go out into the open ocean and use all of their skills, abilities and (scent) čût′ë! As surfs the ocean God Dorada, sea bass, eels, Bach, tuna and many other species of fish. Fishing from shore is not limited in time. Shore catch basically sliding float fishing and bottom fishing rods (Donka). Assortment of fish caught will depend on the gear you are using and the type of nasatki (bait) and the method of fishing.

The fishing in Tenerife

The time spent on open-ocean fishing lasts from 3 do7 hours (by appointment). Fishing equipment will be provided on site and will show you how to properly use them. The fish you catch can let go, previously with her picture taken or take away with you as a trophy for cooking dinner.

The rate of fishing on a boat up to 4 persons:

3:0: 70 €-fisherman, observer 50 €
7:0: 110 €-fisherman, observer 60 €

Individual Charter:

4:0-600 €, extra hour-125 €

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