Rates and conditions

Cost of MI-8 hour trips:

1. a group of 1 to 2 people the price is 150.00 euros.

2. a group of 3 to 4 persons the price is 180.00 euro.

3. For groups from 5 to 6 persons the price is 250.00 euro.

4. a group of 7-MI-MI-8 persons the price is 300.00 euros.

5. interpreter-driver on your car 20.00 euros per hour

In some cases, the cost of an additional surcharge, depending on your place of residence (see below).

The price of the tour includes:

Facilities Guide, unlimited mileage, fuel, taxes. The price of the tour, of course, for the group as a whole and not for each individual.

Conditions for modifying excursions:

On request, the route may be altered before and during the tour.

Approximate duration 8-MI time excursions from 10:00 to

In the case of an extension of time, the cost of each ordered tour which began hours beyond the scheduled time is calculated at a price of 10 euros per hour.

Paid separately:

Lunch, entrance fees to museums, parks, a cable car, travel to other islands-additional steam, if overnight hotel.

The size of an additional surcharge, depending on the place of start/end

Costa Adeje (without extra charge), Las Americas (free of charge), Los Cristianos (without extra charge), Los Gigantes (+20.00 euros), the Puerto de Santiago (+20.00 euros), Playa de la arena (+20.00 euros), Puerto de la Cruz (+30.00 euros), Santa Cruz de Tenerife (+20.00 euro)

Booking conditions:

Personal tour can be booked well in advance of the visit to the island of Tenerife, you just need to send a request for payment to the email address This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and you will receive a response within 24 hours, or to submit a request one day before the tour. This minimum order. The duration of individual excursions-8:0. If you book a tour through the form on this site, be sure to wait for confirmation of your order on the tour. Or better yet selected excursions, please book in advance-it is better to not less than seven calendar days, as early booking reduction of up to 20% discount.

By filling in the order form be sure to include your full name, a phone number which you can call on the island (preferably with international code), the name of the hotel in which you live and the place, the date and time when the excursion, the number and ages of your children and adults.

Under Spanish law children below 1.35 m must be transported in child car seats. Keep children on their hands in the car is not allowed. On request, baby seats are available free of charge.


Personal tour can be ordered on your desired route, and also for a shorter time, for example at 4:0. Price from 100 EUR and discussed when ordering.

If you order 2 (two) or more excursions discounts up to 20%.

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