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On the way to the town of San Miguel in the small town of Las CHAFIRAS is not a big tasting room at the seven round tables and a large hall samples of ORGANIC PRODUCTS- with its own production of many offered drinks and treats called "Prestigio & TRADISION" , in which there is a variety of eco-friendly products without any additives. In this restaurant you will experience the ancient spirit of FRANCE.

All farm business specialist by the name of Žèrom. He was born and raised in France and now lives on the island of Tenerife. The variety and range of its products is surprising as its taste and pleasant appearance.
All of these products and the wines have a European standard.

Here, in a small room behind the seven tables, it is possible to taste: the Hamon of goose, Goose liver pâté, as mushroom truffles and bottled oil with the addition of "Truffle", goat cheese , good quality ham from legs with black kapytom and a lot of variety of wines produced in small quantities.
Everything proposed here-piece goods!

You will be amazed by the variety of red wines and white wines, as well as a set of good French champagne, COGNAC Special Edition piece of which you will not find even in France. you will enjoy your favorite wine and food and you will be able to choose what you like and welcome. All of the proposed organic products practically have no analogues in the world!

You can buy on the spot in a package that meets the standards of the local airport. Zapakuût carefully selected products and prepare for transport during a flight on an airplane.

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