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As everywhere in the world and on the island of Tenerife there are unexplored by tourists places.

Excursion to an exotic place on the island of Tenerife.

The route of the tour takes place in the direction of Baranco del Rio, located to the side of the volcano El Teide. We depart from the place of your arrival by car to the mountains, turn onto a dirt road and through the 7 kilometers to leave the car and walk on the pedestrian path along the route to surprising Gorge. Hiking trail stretching 2.5 kilometers.

In this place there is a descent into the Gorge itself is about 700 metres away. Here is a small rivulet, which slightly coming out of the ground by the volcano, and so slipped through 1.5 km disappears in the bosom of nature. On this site you can see the extraordinary nature and beautiful plants, flowers and trees. The nature of this place made wonders. Such reliefs of mountains and various variations of soil, slowly rolling in the mountains can be found only here. In the whole world there is no place for a beauty like this.

This whole timeless beauty reminds of paradise where you can enjoy the peace and beauty of the pristine and spend some time exploring nature. A variety of scents and kinds of wild flowers will delight your imagination and will leave unforgettable impressions about staying in this world of dreams and fantasies.

Next, we will discover the path in reverse order, proceed to the car and back to the place of departure.

Excursion to an exotic bathroom in the ocean.

As everywhere in the world and on the island of Tenerife there are unexplored by tourists places. One such place is Ensenada Piedra de la Sal. It is located not far from the fishing village of San Miguel de Tajao in the North of the island. This place is interesting because it means that there's almost no one and never have. And there is no wrong way guided tour.

In this tour, I will propose to spend time on the ocean. There's a side of the ocean goes under water a large granite slab Aaron Segel-OHR ha'orot a variety of volcanic rocks, which hacked like en-suite hot tub seating eight people opposite each other. Go to the bathroom in the ocean, you can cut down the stairs under the water. Sitting on the seat of monolithic stone you can feel the strength and power of the ocean in all its senses.

The beauty of all that is happening is to hold in place at the time when your head goes through the flow of the wave in the form of a foam! SIP SIP champagne at this moment none doesn't stop for a certain condition. While there, you can not only swim, sunbathe and relax from the hustle and bustle of the mundane.

Time of departure and return, as well as the cost of the tours-by appointment.

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