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Here you can find and book your diverse and unique individual tours for myself and my friends, transfer from your place of arrival to the island and back, as well as some other services. Sightseeing tour of the island will help you get a feel for what is beautiful and unique island of Tenerife is the largest and most popular island of the Canary archipelago.

The proposed routes are made up of mainly travel along the perimeter of the island, with arrivals and stops in the most interesting and attractive places. Offers cars of any brand and type, you can choose any car.

For your convenience, the tour starts from the place of your stay. A professional guide will tell you about all the hidden mysteries, ancient legends and historical facts of the island Tenerife.

3. Pueblo Chiko-miniature park

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This is a very interesting and informative tour for adults and children of all ages. "Pueblo Chico is located near the town of La Orotava miniature park, which contains a copy of all the most famous Canary of architectural structures and scenery in scale 1:25. The miniatures were made with high precision and lots of small parts interesting to explore once you have already visited in the field, which served as a prototype for their creation. Or maybe vice versa, staying in the Park will cause you to see a full-size originals.

Walking through the Park of miniatures, you feel children, children-Gulliverami in fairyland, and all together-the pioneers. Here you clearly get acquainted and how people of the Canary Islands in ancient times and lived with in a half human growth contemporary works of art in miniature.

After a walk through the Park we visit on the North coast of Tenerife, the town of Puerto de la Cruz is the first resort in the Canary Islands, which started taking English tourists since the end of the 19th century. However, despite this, the city bears no resemblance to the tourist centres in the South of the island is not only the climate but also very different atmosphere and rhythm of life. Living your everyday life to local residents don't have absolutely no cause to many tourists,
which does not remain nothing else, both at the time to become part of the city and enjoy the shoulder strong, especially in winter, the waves of the Atlantic and modest charm of the old part of Puerto de la Cruz, or simply Puerto-as it is called by locals.

The modern landmark of the city is a complex of large swimming pools with sea water and the islets of volcanic lava, built right on the ocean. The main attraction of Puerto de la Cruz is located on its western edge is the famous Loro Park, where a look at performing killer whales and penguins tourists even self-sufficient with the other islands of the Canary archipelago. Loro Park, it makes sense to go for the whole day, so in this route are scheduled visit. Other interesting places to visit include the Botanical Garden, founded in 1788, by order of the Spanish King, visit the next route. The road back to the South of the island will take nearly an hour.

Duration of the tour 8:0.

With the cost of the tours can be found in the section " Rates and conditions"

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