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Here you can find and book your diverse and unique individual tours for myself and my friends, transfer from your place of arrival to the island and back, as well as some other services. Sightseeing tour of the island will help you get a feel for what is beautiful and unique island of Tenerife is the largest and most popular island of the Canary archipelago.

The proposed routes are made up of mainly travel along the perimeter of the island, with arrivals and stops in the most interesting and attractive places. Offers cars of any brand and type, you can choose any car.

For your convenience, the tour starts from the place of your stay. A professional guide will tell you about all the hidden mysteries, ancient legends and historical facts of the island Tenerife.

6. individual excursion to Loro Park

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The road from the South Island to Loro Park is one hour and thirty minutes at a distance of 130 km from city of Las Americas.  We are with you, or you personally spend 4.5 hours on the territory of one of the world's best parks, which is a Zoo and Botanical Garden and the circus in one "bottle". Offers a variety of views with animals and birds, a parrot show, sea lions, dolphins and large whales, "planet of the penguins, exotic plants and animals, and much dugoe. If time and energy will remain, we will have lunch at the nearby famous Monasterio restaurant dishes.

By the way, you can change the route before and during the trip.

The total duration of this tour 8:0.

With the cost of the tours can be found in the section " Rates and conditions"

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