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Restaurant La Gaviota.

On the southwest coast of Tenerife in the fishing town of San Miquel de Tajao is very tasty and unique in its preparation of fish dishes restaurant La Gaviota. It amazes with its beauty and manner of service.

The friendly Spaniards enchant their charm when making the order, and subsequent maintenance. The ordered meals are served in a certain order and time. Service is so mentally, discreetly and in a good mood, which is astounding and location to the pleasant use of ordered dishes. Besides, everything in the menu, very tasty and perfectly cooked!

Even little kids who don't always eat fish products for food, after tests on the taste of some foods, cannot themselves contain to stop eating deliciously cooked fish or other seafood.

All dishes are prepared from early morning caught sea-food restaurant and delivered directly from the fishing boats. The menu also affects a variety of sweet dishes. When ordering coffee, you will hear how the coffee grinder. After all, personally for you smolotât coffee beans, to feel the real taste of Spanish coffee, made with good spirits.

After your meal, you will have an impression-this is the real Canarian fish cuisine.

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