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Here you can choose some gourmet restaurants Tenerife as potential places for lunch or dinner during or after the tour.

I deposit the description of restaurants as they study on the criteria menu, exotic diversity and quality of the cooking and serving of food and excellent service.


A very good impression on her kitchen leaves the restaurant in Valle san Lorenzo. The restaurant is located in the former stables, which renovated the impression out there that tomorrow is a new Year. Perfectly cooked "pork ribs" on the fire in a stove to make you forget, in the truest sense of the word, all the food you ate before that day. There is a large number of other dishes. Fattened ox meat here, and Spanish rabbit in sauce, tender veal, grilled chicken, young originally green peppers cooked in coarse salt and traditional Canarian potatoes, cooked to ancient antiquated method. But "pork ribs" will leave you an unforgettable impression on the Canary Island of Tenerife in the kitchen the whole rest of my life!

For a delicious lunch or dinner in Tenerife you can choose restaurant Monasterio, who has, as the external beauty and inner atmosphere very pleasant with amazing views of the Teide volcano, which moves seamlessly into the Atlantic Ocean. A rich selection of dishes prepared in složenymi hands of monks who once lived in these areas will amaze you by its originality.

After a tour of the volcano El Teide, you can visit the town of La Esperanza and dine in the rustic restaurant with a wonderful name of Las Rosas, which is also a great selection of meat dishes and offering two kinds of soup. Everything is very tasty!!!

Meat restaurant El Cordero, which means lamb. Unremarkable building this institution located near Los Cristianos and, at first glance, not every person can guess what's there inside the restaurant. There is one trait that attracts visitors to see what is inside is a relict of the Laurel tree that gave form to a lamb. Although judging from the size of a giant sheep and it indicates passing by travellers of a meat restaurant, where you can sample the delicious and inexpensive very well cooked meat dishes.

Lamb -this is what they specialize in. However, on the counter, and there are other kinds of meat products. Pork, beef, veal, rabbit, chicken, sausages and other Spanish fantasy. Beautiful cozy rooms with a floor of sand, walls of bamboo ceiling of twigs and Heather-the whole interior is imbued with the spirit of good and romantic village. Occasionally and can fly a small parakeet or sitting on any subject of the Interior to issue various singing sounds.

There are two halls. One is non-smoking, smoking is allowed in the other. It has a pleasant and good food and take a quiet rest.

Soon the wait for new descriptions of delicious restaurants of the island.
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